#1 Reason Defendants Should Have An Alternative Sentencing Report:

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The #1 reason your clients deserve the services offered by Utah Sentencing Alternatives is:


We will work with you to portray compelling alternatives to incarceration.  For example: we worked a sex offender case recently where AP&P recommended 180 days in jail with the usual terms of probation, including Group A Sex Offender conditions.

The comprehensive Alternative Sentencing Report was referenced repeatedly by the judge and confounded the prosecuting attorney, resulting in a sentence of:

  • 30 days in jail and
  • An agreement to consider modification to the Group A conditions so the defendant can maintain their parental responsibilities.

Neither of which would have happened without the Alternative Sentencing Report prepared by Utah Sentencing Alternatives.  We are the voice of mitigation at sentencing.

Our results speak for themselves; so call us today (801) 990-6271.  You are invited to visit our website at www.UtahSentencingAlternatives.com or contact us by email at info@utahsentencingalternatives.com.  You are also invited to follow us on Twitter at @SentAlt.

Services provided by our team of experienced sentencing consultants include:

  • Alternative Sentencing Reports
  • Case consultation & expert testimony (probation/parole violations)
  • Personal development coaching

We will work with you and your client(s) to develop viable alternatives to incarceration that are in the best interest of your client, the victim(s), and the community which become compelling reasons for the judge to exercise discretion in sentencing.  Call us today and explore the possibilities…

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