The single biggest factor associated with recidivism as measured in most risk assessments is criminal history. It is imperative that a complete review of all prior cases is conducted to accurately assess the history. This is particularly true when the prior history involves cases that have been dismissed, plea in abeyance agreements, or in cases that are enhanced based on prior convictions.

In addition to being a major factor in the risk assessment, criminal history is also a primary component of the sentencing guidelines matrix. Key factors here include prior periods of supervision, whether there have been prior revocations of supervision, or whether the present offense was committed while on supervision or pretrial release.

In post conviction actions, whether you are seeking a professional license, a new job, an expungement of your record, or a pardon, it is of extreme importance that your prior record is portrayed accurately and in context with your life. This is followed by the identification and reflection of the relevant changes you have made to your life as a result of those prior criminal incidents. Specific examples are offered as evidence of these changes as applicable.