The judge and prosecutor said they have never seen such an exceptional PSR. Thanks Kim.


I just want to thank you for the wonderful service and reports that you provided. The prosecution was still pushing for NUCCC, but the judge said he couldn't think of a better place for him to be than at Grandma's. Although there have been some bumps in the road, things have worked out better than expected. My family and I are grateful for the outcome and the big part that you played in it. We appreciate all of your help and the way you were able to present the case.


I just wanted to thank you for your help. Your report was extensive, detailed, and full of great information and talking points. Your visits and help to C.J. were very much appreciated.

Brad J.

I wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I appreciate you, and the services you provided me in the last year. I am convinced that without your help as part of my *team*, things definitely had the potential to turn out very differently for me. Thank you for all the time you spent coaching, answering emails or just answering my calls. You were there above and beyond, even if I was just scared and needed a boost to get through the day. The information you provided me with was fantastic and I appreciated your integrity and honesty.


Thank you so much.
We really appreciate everything you did.


Kim, your work is amazing! You saved 2 men that i love. Keep up the good work.


On behalf of Brent and his family, thank-you again for preparing and presenting this comprehensive report and for accepting a reduced fee for your services. It was clearly a time-intensive task performed with careful attention to detail and compassion for your subject. I am confident that this report and your presence in the courtroom helped to persuade the prosecutors and judges in both cases to choose community service over incarceration, which would have compromised Brent's already fragile physical and mental health. Brent left the courtroom on Tuesday with a belief in his ability to overcome adversity, a renewed feeling of hope for his future,and enduring gratitude for those who have helped him put his derailed life back on track. Thank you, Kim.


Thank you so much for your skilled help I really appreciate it! Sentencing went as well as it could have gone. The judge suspended the two 1-15’s and sentenced him to 90 days in jail with credit for time served, imposed a $500 fine, imposed $720 for pay for stay, and imposed only a portion of the S.O. conditions. All things considered, I think your work was instrumental in obtaining a very favorable outcome. I'll talk to you the next time around!

Mike Edwards

Thanks to your good work he got court probation. I really appreciate your excellent work on this. It is good working with you and I will call again.

Jim C. Bradshaw

Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat

The alternative presentence report made a huge difference in the sentencing of my client earlier today. Kim went to work and pointed out how the client had changed his life in the intervening year and a half and how a sentence of incarceration would undermine the progress that had been made. He painted a picture that encouraged the judge to do what was best for the client because that was best for society. As a result, the judge ignored the state’s request for four months of jail time and imposed four months of GPS monitoring. The client was very pleased with the result.

Matthew R. Howell

Fillmore Spencer

Just wanted to give a shout out to Kim Harward who did an excellent job and helped keep a client out of prison. Kim exceeded my expectations from beginning to end and I will use him again when the situation arises. Thanks Kim.

Stephen Frazier

Esplin Weight Attorneys at Law

I have used Kim twice with exceptional results, Kim is awesome and has been great every time.

Daniel Irvin

Irvin Law

Kim is simply amazing, AP&P recommended 90 days jail and the prosecutor wanted jail time. Thanks to Kim's efforts (he did this at the last minute) it made a huge difference to the court. Result? Five days in jail ... client was thrilled, as three months in jail would have ruined him financially. Another satisfied customer.

Bill Morrison

Morrison & Morrison

Extremely good feedback from judge regarding Utah Sentencing Alternatives. Judge said the report was well written, thorough, informative, and provided more accurate information than AP&P's report. We highly recommend you contact Kim Harward at 801 436-4183 to discuss how his investigation and report can benefit your clients. We have had two investigations completed so far and have been extremely pleased with the quality and content of both.

Stephanie Kuuipo Miya

Loni F. DeLand

I hired Kim as a consultant on a very difficult criminal matter. Kim provided a sentencing report to the Judge that was instrumental in my client receiving a favorable outcome. Kim digs deeper into the important issues and provides a more thorough report than the probation officers assigned by the court. I highly recommend him.

Deven Coggins

Coggins, Larreau, & Lythgoe

The case for which I hired Kim was extremely stressful because it involved a relative. The results, in direct contrast to the pre-sentence report, were simply remarkable. He achieved a monumental reduction in the sentence and my client was ecstatic, as was I. He did this on a moment’s notice, and worked around the clock. His price was very reasonable. I will definitely hire Kim again.

Grant Morrison

Morrison & Morrison

Kim did an alternative presentence report for a client charged with downloading child pornography. Kim utilized his expertise and skills to help the judge understand a complicated situation. The results were fantastic. I highly recommend Kim Harward.

Susanne Gustin

Susanne Gustin Law