Utah Sentencing Alternatives is committed to providing accurate, timely, and objective information to judges and other decision-makers to consider in determining the appropriate outcome in criminal and administrative proceedings.  This is accomplished by:

  1. Identifying what is working in the defendant’s life and what protective measures are in place; including ways to strengthen and support them.
  2. Identifying what is not working in the defendant’s life and what risk factors are present; identifying what methods, programs, or interventions are known to minimize those risks and provide long-term protection for the community.
  3. Providing information and context, including:
    • actuarial risk assessment in combination with evidence-based practices;
    • aggravating/mitigating circumstances analysis; and
    • offer solutions that will provide maximum value for the community and the defendant by capitalizing on individual resources, experience, and capacity for change.

Utah Sentencing Alternatives is interested in your feedback and how may we better serve the judiciary.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome and will be held in confidence absent your permission to do otherwise.