A variety of discounts are available for most services offered by Utah Sentencing Alternatives.  Many of the discounts can be combined with other offers and are applicable to individual defendants (such as Veteran’s) or the professional affiliation of your] criminal defense attorney (such as the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, or UACDL).

[A complete listing of the available discounts can be found here.]

Types of reports available:

Bail Reduction $500.00

Case plan and risk assessment report to be used in conjunction with defense counsel motion to reduce bail.

Case Planning CALL

Criminal history and risk assessment to identify and target specific risk factors associated with criminal behavior, with or with or without personal coaching component.

Pre-Plea $750.00

Case analysis, related conduct, and risk assessment combined in a single report that may be used in conjunction with plea negotiations.

Guidelines Consultation $250.00

Review & analysis of presentence report prepared by AP&P and the application of the applicable guidelines calculations.

Criminal History Investigation CALL

Criminal history analysis, conduct summary and background verification which may be used in conjunction with employment, licensing authority, expungement, or request for pardon.

This investigation puts an individual’s criminal past in perspective with current life developments by putting context to the criminal charges and highlighting the personal progress made since the last incident.

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