This is an ongoing process from beginning to end as all of the information is compiled into the defense-based presentence report, otherwise referred to as the Alternative Sentencing Report. Depending on the sentencing consultant, this is frequently accomplished in phases in conjunction with the other components of the process.

Utah Sentencing Alternatives maintains the policy that the report must be paid for in advance of the final reports delivery to the court and prosecutor. We also encourage a complete review of the report and recommendation by your defense attorney as well as by you to ensure the information is an accurate portrayal of your life and the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Whenever possible, the presentence report prepared by probation is reviewed for accuracy and to identify any significant discrepancies between the two reports. It is the objective of Utah Sentencing Alternatives that the final version of the Alternative Sentencing Report that is submitted to the court, prosecutor, and defense attorney is the most comprehensive, objective, and accurate report possible. The final report is delivered as early as possible but no later than the working day prior to sentencing, preferably at least two days before sentencing is scheduled.