Being prepared for your initial interview with probation for the presentence interview will pay dividends for years to come. It will set the stage for community supervision if you are granted probation or for when you are released on parole.

Having an idea of what is in store during these initial meetings is a critical component of your success and will have an immediate influence on sentencing. Utah Sentencing Alternatives offers two preparation services that are included with an Alternative Sentencing Report or as a stand-alone service.

PSR Coaching – one-on-one overview of the presentence investigation interview – specific to your case and circumstances; tips on completing the presentence information packet, the rationale behind the questions and the risk/needs assessment; and what to expect during the interview. When applicable, it includes tips for succeeding on community supervision and the collateral consequences for family, friends, and roommates.

PSR Workshop – overview of the presentence investigation process is covered in a group setting, including tips for navigating the bureaucracy of Adult Probation & Parole and general guidelines for being successful on community supervision.