We are specialists who advocate personal change and present relevant information to judicial and administrative decision-makers.  Our purpose is twofold:

1. portray you as a human being by placing the unlawful conduct in context with your unique life experiences;

2. provide you with the tools, resources, and opportunities for personal change to improve your results.

We focus on the intent or spirit of the law which allows your criminal defense attorney to focus on the letter of the law. This is both a proven strategy and trusted combination that ensures you have the best defense and that you achieve the best outcome possible in your case.

Outcome Specialists

The primary purpose of a presentence or outcome report is to provide complete, accurate, and objective information to decision-makers.  Each report includes a complete personal profile, including:



Family/Social Factors

Medical/Psychological Considerations

Criminal History

Criminal Risk Assessment

Aggravating & Mitigating Circumstances

Offense Summary

Personal Coaching

For clients who desire to actively change behaviors or lifestyles, Utah Sentencing Alternatives offers coaching programs.  The primary purpose of the coaching programs is to provide individuals with the information, tools, and resources to transform their lives and/or positively impact the outcome of the case.

Custom coaching services are available for individuals and families who are in transition and may include any of the following situations:

Justice System Entry – Sentencing

Incarceration Entry or Release

Post Treatment

Pre or Post Supervision (probation or parole)