Are you powerful enough to change the world?

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If you were powerful enough to change your world?  Would you?

Last week I received an unexpected phone call.  It was from someone I supervised in a former life when I was parole officer.  He just called to say thank-you.  Cool.

It’s awesome actually, to be the recipient of someone’s gratitude.  You see, I believe that what we do – indeed, who we are – comes back to us.  How we treat others is how we are treated, and what we see in others is what others see in us.  There’s a parable in there somewhere… There is also power.

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t meet someone who lives their life in the shadows, unaware of their own power to change the world, to change their life.

Last year a friend of mine was challenged by his teenage daughter to ride bicycles from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada in July.  It’s hot in July, in the desert… They did it anyway.  565 miles in 5 days and in the process they raised enough money to build a home for a needy family in a remote poverty plagued part of the world where even common amenities are considered luxuries, like running water.  Where is this faraway place? Merely 10 hours from Salt Lake City on the Navajo Reservation.

Here is evidence of the power of a teenage girl and the lives that were changed forever as a result of her power (

But that was last year and it is time to do it again.  This time in August, 500 miles in 5 days from Bozeman, Montana to Bountiful, Utah.  The question is… am I willing?

I don’t ride.  When someone mentions “bike” I think of Harley and they aren’t riding those.  After several weeks of fence-sitting and indecision, I got the phone call – then I saw the video…and I am in.

I am powerful beyond measure and I am willing to change the world, one mile at a time.  It’s what I do.  I make a difference for people in court every day and it’s time to expand my horizons.  It’s also time to find a bike…

Will you make a difference?   Are you ready to step into your power and change the world?

If the answer is yes, then do it.  If you’re uncertain about the first step, ask.  Stepping out of the shadows is our deepest fear.