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Change in Services & Announcement of New Pretrial Program for Justice-Involved Persons

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The assessment of criminogenic risk factors and preparation of defense-based presentence reports is being transformed and updated to include a more comprehensive, evidence-based, system that integrates cognitive-behavioral interventions educate & assist justice-involved persons with reducing the fear, stress, and anxiety associated with involvement in the judicial system.
The strength-based behavioral intervention is delivered via a solution-focused coaching experience that recognizes, protects, and enhances the due process rights of our clients. The intervention is structured in such a way that client ambivalence toward treatment and correctional supervision is resolved in a way that enhances client success and protection of the community; and is consistent with the risk, need, responsivity model of correctional intervention.

Risk assessment occurs alongside delivery of the intervention. If appropriate to the situation, a brief report outlining pretrial risk classification and identification of the pertinent risk and protective factors is available. In the wake of a determination of guilt, the information acquired in conjunction with both components will be integrated into report format, such that it may be provided to AP&P at the time of the presentence interview as well as the Court in advance of sentencing with recommendations for sentencing that are grounded in the applicable sentencing guidelines. The assessment process includes screening for trauma, substance use, and mental health issues/concerns; and includes measures of treatment readiness and engagement.

The dual nature of this revised protocol seeks to inform sentencing decisions and provide quantitative evidence related to client relationships, activities, and strengths contributing to their successful integration in the community; and facilitate the development of safety or relapse prevents plans (if applicable).

Program length is approximately three months (minimum). However, at this time the intervention is only available in the community to individuals with online access (smartphone or computer). There are no geographic restrictions, providing the client has internet access and the ability to communicate via video conference.

Program cost is comparable to that of a defense-based presentence report but a payments plan is now being offered (discount available for full payment at the outset).

Additional information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. Alternatively, call Utah Sentencing Alternatives at (8701) 845-7490 for more information today.