eavesdropping on sentencing

Have you ever listened to someone else talk on the phone, privy to only one side of the conversation your imagination fills in the missing pieces and rarely does it come close to reality.  This is precisely what happens in a sentencing hearing.  In most instances, judges are left to formulate sentencing decisions based on information from half the conversation.

Judges rely extensively upon information contained in a presentence report and filter it through prior experiences with other criminal defendants to formulate their decision. But this is tantamount to only listening only to the prosecutors side of the conversation. After all, the presentence report is prepared (in most cases) by a probation officer employed by the government with a built-in professional bias toward law enforcement and the prosecution.

Sure, the defense attorney has an opportunity to speak at sentencing but by then it is to late. The judge has already formulated his decision in the privacy of his chambers while reading the government prepared sentencing report.

So what if there is a way to provide sentencing judges with a complete picture? What if there is a way for judges to “listen” to both sides of the conversation? How might that translate into a different, often more favorable, outcome for the individual facing sentencing?

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