Thank you so much.
We really appreciate everything you did.


I wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I appreciate you, and the services you provided me in the last year. I am convinced that without your help as part of my *team*, things definitely had the potential to turn out very differently for me.

Thank you for all the time you spent coaching, answering emails or just answering my calls. You were there above and beyond, even if I was just scared and needed a boost to get through the day. The information you provided me with was fantastic and I appreciated your integrity and honesty.

I have spent alot of time over the last four months reflecting on the events of the past year and the circumstances leading up to it. There is nothing that could of prepared me for the 12 days (that felt like 12 months) of jailtime I served. It was a nightmare. I am so very grateful it was not more.

During my 90 days of home confinement I was able to throw myself back into working hard (thanks to my supportive employer) and for the 2nd time in 7 months, I was awarded a second promotion and very nice raise. I am so thankful to be employed at a great job and not having to settle because of my felony record.

At the end of January, I will have completed 160 of the 200 hours of community service I was sentenced to, even though the judge only ordered me to do a minimum of 16 hours a month, and while working 55 hours a week at my job. I've met some fantastic people I am proud to call my friends that I would of never met otherwise and I will continue (with my family) to help out even after I've completed my time.

So, I guess what I wanted to let you know is that what I've learned is really immeasurable and I am a better human than I was one year ago today. Thank you!

Kind regards – P.W.



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