Sentencing Savior…

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Now I will be the first to admit being uncomfortable with being called the Sentencing Savior when Garrett J. White first mentioned it the other day.   Garrett,on the other hand, loved it and insisted on a spontaneous interview (available on YouTube here).

As predicted however, it does have a nice ring to it.  So I updated the ole Twitter profile and changed @SentAlt to @SentSav.  Here is the extended profile:

The Sentencing Savior helps people find salvation in the justice system and heal damaged relationships. In this context, salvation is the concept that Judges have the capacity to exercise compassion and save those deserving redemption from imprisonment.   Redemption is possible through alternative sentencing solutions that promote justice, restore freedom, and transform lives.

From a marketing standpoint, Sentencing Savior certainly distinguishes USA from other sentencing consultants.  For that I am grateful for the time spent with Garrett on Thursday and his insight.  I would be remiss if I failed to mention Brett Harward (author of the 5 Laws that Determine of Life’s Outcomes).  Here is a link to a Garrett/Brett project that you may find informative as you go about transforming lives.