Equal Justice Initiative


Equal Justice
Equal Justice Initiative

With Utah Sentencing Alternatives entering its fifth year of service, we are committed to making our available to everyone through the Equal Justice Initiative and have implemented a sliding scale fee system to ensure equal access.

Increasingly, Defense-Based Sentencing Reports are being relied upon by state and federal judges as a primary source of accurate and reliable information.  We are committed to doing all that is necessary to ensure everyone has equal access to these services.

In the immortal words of the Honorable Irving R. Kaufman:

“The task of improving our sentencing techniques is so important to the nation’s moral health that it deserves far more careful attention than it now receives from the bar and the general public.”

Utah Sentencing Alternatives is committed to doing our part to ensure sentencing decisions are based upon the most accurate and reliable information available.

A new client brochure is now available for potential clients and a sentencing strategy fact sheet is available for defense counsel.