Why we do what we do

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At Utah Sentencing Alternatives we believe that life is a journey of experiential learning in which mistakes are required elements.  We believe that what matters, what defines us, are the choices made during times of adversity and the willingness to be accountable for those decisions.  We believe that learning is an intentional choice that is purposefully made with courage, compassion, and empathy.  We believe that each of us have the ability to alter the trajectory of our life by being accountable for past mistakes and demonstrating ownership of the lessons learned.   And we believe that life is a team sport in which we are in perpetual relationship with the people, places, and things with whom we share this planet.  As a result, it is both our duty and our privilege to assist others with learning from past mistakes by engaging in the process of change, collaborating with change agents, and inspiring transformative change as a means of building healthy, safe, communities.  This is accomplished by identifying and articulating individualized, evidence-based, sentencing solutions that are in the best interest of the community, the victim, and the defendant.