• Best Possible Outcome

odds are against you 2-1 at sentencing

The simple truth – the odds are against you at sentencing 2 – 1

Best Possible Outcome

Sentencing is a lot like going to a casino. The house always wins. Only in this case, the government  is the house. The dealer, aka the judge, is holding a stacked deck of cards based on confidential and secret information provided by probation in the presentence report. When it comes time to deal the cards (or pronounce sentence) the judge has already determined the outcome and stacked the cards accordingly.

Yes, you have an attorney beside you but the government is represented by a prosecutor and by probation. Yes, your attorney should speak on your behalf, just like the prosecutor will. But the simple truth is, at this point it is to late to make a meaningful difference in the outcome of your case. The cards are already stacked in favor of the government.

In federal court the judge should at least have a sentencing memorandum from the defense but he will also have opposing information from the prosecutor.

What this means, in Vegas terms, is the judge has twice as much information from the government justifying their recommended sentence. In federal cases it is even worse because the actual recommendation from probation is secret. Trying to talk the judge out of doing something is a monumental task, especially in open court.

Don’t gamble your future away.   Level the playing field and tip the scales of justice so at least the odds are even. The house may still win but at least you minimize the damages. Contact a sentencing consultant today.