defending liberty, human dignity & personal freedom

Lawyers who accept our professional responsibility to protect the rule of law, the right to counsel, and access to our courts – even when this requires defending unpopular positions or clients – deserve the praise and gratitude of all Americans. They also deserve respect. Those who reaffirm our nation’s most essential and enduring values do not deserve to have their own values questioned. Let me be clear about this: Lawyers who provide counsel for the unpopular are, and should be treated as what they are:  Patriots.    –Attorney General Eric Holder, March 19, 2010

Several informative videos came to my attention recently, both are worth worth watching.  In the defense of liberty and basic human rights, it is our responsibility to protect our freedoms and stand against the erosion of human dignity in our communities.  Know your rights and freely exercise them in all aspects of life and be courageous in moments of adversity as you overcome fear and find freedom.

From the Cato Institute:  10 Rules for Dealing with Police

From the Institute for Justice:  Policing for Profit – The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture