The News Media & Defending Freedom

Justice and liberty thrive in environments where civil discourse and transparency are present.  Trust in the law and those sworn to uphold it is enhanced when those who would abuse their power fall under the spotlight of the media and corrective measures are taken.

As the title of this recent news report suggests, a pattern of illicit conduct is now exposed.  In this channel 2 news story (available hereMan With Cerebral Palsy Arrested For DUI On Bike the ongoing abuses of one highway patrol trooper are exposed.

Initially Steed’s UHP bosses defended her, telling 2 News that unfortunantly many people do drive under the influence of prescribed medications, and they believed that Mike Tilt was no exception. We began to look into the background of Trooper Steed, although she has indeed been lauded for her work pulling drunk and impaired drivers off the road, she has also been chastised.  Judge Robert Faust said of her alleged disregard for some UHP policy,that is was “especially troubling.”  Judge L.G. Cutler said of her testimony in a case before him that Steed’s words, “lacked credibility.” Defense attorney Glen Neeley has represented many of the people pulled over by Steed, “she has policy that she is required to follow, and she doesn’t follow them,” says Neeley. After 2 News began this investigation, the UHP started their own inquiry, and in a remarkable turn of events, called us and asked for a second interview, “is this in line with our overall goal of DUI enforcement?  Probably not,” says Capt. Mike Rapich, of the UHP, Rapich says after further review they will not ask for charges against Mike.

Fortunately, rational minds appear to have prevailed in this case and charges are not being pursued.  But what if the reporter had chosen a different topic, would that same rationality have prevailed?  Or, would another innocent man be facing jail or even prison as the result of an overzealous police officer?

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It is time for the public to recognize that blind trust in the men and women who are sworn to protect and serve are just like everyone else and that on occasion will take shortcuts to increase their stats and build careers, at the expense of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Just because someone is arrested does not mean they are guilty of a crime.  That is what makes our system of justice work.  The media has a significant role in promoting transparency and defending freedom as they expose the tactics used by some to advance their personal careers and agendas.