noteworthy items

News from around the intermountain region:

WYOMING : corrections officials are asking state legislators for more sentencing alternatives to curb prison growth (story available here).

IDAHO: more problems brewing for Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) in their operating a “gladiator school” of a prison (story available here) which is prompting state legislators and policymakers to reconsider prison policy, identify and implement alternative sentencing programs.

COLORADO: Governor Ritter signs legislation to change the direction of  Colorado’s criminal justice system by reducing costs and emphasizing rehabilitation as a primary method of reducing recidivism (story available here).

UTAH: prison is nearing capacity (again/still) and officials are still searching for viable “ongoing” solutions (story available here).

There are significant opportunities to make our communities safer AND reduce the burden on taxpayers AND reduce recidivism but none of these solutions include increasing prison capacity or privatizing prisons.  Community problems require community solutions and “business as usual” in government growth is simply not the answer.