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A new category has been added to the USA blog which includes noteworthy blog posts from Utah defense attorneys and related news.

In this first installment:  Edward Flint, a Utah defense attorney with Utah Access Legal offers his insight and experience regarding sentencing (full post is available here):

In many cases, the sentencing phase of a case is the most important aspect of the whole case; the difference between going home and going to jail or even prison. This is especially true in Federal Court, where sentencing guidelines and legal grounds for objections, and evidence to convince the judge to go with a shorter, less onerous sentence, is quite complex and involves extensive effort. If your lawyer just shows and up and tries to bullshit his way through, then you will probably wind up spending years or decades in Federal Prison.

I would respectfully disagree with Mr. Flint.  Simply put, in EVERY CASE that results in either a guilty plea or conviction, sentencing is the “MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE WHOLE CASE.”  To anyone being sentenced, to their families, friends, employers and/or employees the results of sentencing matter.

The attorneys at Utah Access Legal recognize the important role that sentencing holds in the legal process, especially in terms of getting the results that matter to their clients.  They are forward thinking professionals who put their clients first and regularly recommend the specialized services offered by Utah Sentencing Alternatives.

Progressive defense attorneys who team up with sentencing consultants bring the combined experience and expertise to the table on behalf of their clients to achieve the most favorable result possible in sentencing.